Penned by veteran journalist and accessible travel expert Candy B. Harrington, this accessible lodging guidebook includes accurate access descriptions and detailed photographs of over 90 properties across the US. From B&Bs, guest ranches and lakeside cottages, to boutique hotels, rustic cabins and deluxe yurts, there’s something for just about everybody in this book.

Each chapter Includes:

  • A detailed description of the access features of the property, including often overlooked access details such as bed height and toilet grab bar placement.
  • Numerous photographs of each property, including detailed bathroom shots.
  • Measurements of showers, pathways and doorways that are outside of the standard ADA accessibility guidelines.
  • Candy’s take about what makes the property unique.
  • A detailed evaluation of who the property will and won’t work for access-wise.
  • A description of the personality of the property, along with an evaluation of what kind of travelers will and won’t like it.
  • Accessible sites, attractions and trails located near the property.
  • Complete contact information, including address, telephone and website.
  • GPS Coordinates.

Table of Contents